Social Media 's Effect On Society Essay

1030 Words Nov 13th, 2014 null Page
Ever since the frenzy of the social networking era began privacy has been an issue. People are more vulnerable now than they ever were before because of this. Social networking can be a positive thing, if it was used mainly for the purpose that it was created for, however sadly people utilize social networking sites to call out, harm, or even embarrass others. Everything that has been posted on any social website can be seen by friends, family, potential employers, or any random stranger that comes across what has been posted. In other words, everything put on the internet can be seen by anybody in the world. Anything put out there online can have an effect on a person, whether it be negative or positive. Social media has become popular among teenagers, to be used as a way to target a certain person or group of people that either they dislike or their friends dislike. Peer pressure happens another common thing that has been seen on social media, teens will let their friend persuade them into posting hurtful thing that pertain to other people. Although social networking sites are perceived as a helpful way to contact long lost friends or stay up to date with what everyone has been doing, they are being taken advantage of by people who only seek to utilize them as a way to harm others.

Social networking has been popular for quite a few years now. When it was first starting to be used people would not share things concerning their personal life, however as the time passes…

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