Essay on Social Media 's Effect On Health Risks

1056 Words May 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Social media may be as bad as society portrays it. Being connected in a world like this is very important and can make you a better person. Without social media who knows what the world would be like. There are many types of social media networks. Some are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As society advances social media is being used more and more. Everything from memes to current events is posted and social media. Everything you post on social media is there, forever. Do you have a social media? Social media is beneficial because it reduces health risks, helps job seekers find jobs, and empowers individuals to make a change. People often say social media reduces health but not health risk. “Having a social media causes you to not get a job”, that is false social media helps you get a job. The world has no mapped that plans it out we have to improve it ourselves. Social media is beneficial. Social media greatly reduces health risk because being on social media contributed to better mental issues outcomes. Most health problems can be treated, but who likes being sick? Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer health professionals the ability to deliver public health messages. People who are connected tend to have better self-esteem. Social media helps keep people beat depression. (Goldman, 5) Mental issues are usually treated by therapy or being place in an asylum. Being on social media can help with the path to becoming better or…

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