Social Media 's Body Standards For Young Women 's Self Esteem

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Hook: Ninety percent of fifteen to seventeen year old girls who want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance.
Thesis : Social media sets body standards for young women, causing them major issues among themselves and other.
Social body standards bring women’s self-esteem low.
They help develop eating disorders among women who aren 't satisfied with their own bodies.
High expectations of how young women should look causes bullying in person and or online.
First Body Paragraph : Society sets unrealistic body standards for young women ,causing them to have low self-esteem.
According to the article “Body Image and Self-Esteem Among Adolescent Girls” it states that “body image is central to adolescent girls’ self-definition, because they have been socialized to believe that appearance is an important basis for self-evaluation and for evaluation by others “ (Daniel 452).
Society has shown women through social media the “ideal” body standards which make young women’s self-esteem lower due to the fact their bodies do not match the ones society finds “perfect”.
Geetanjali Gunanathan stated in “Media and Its Affect on Self-Esteem" that because media persuades women to think that the average girl should be 110 pounds and a size 2 it makes them feel bad about their own body image.
Giving young women unrealistic standards makes them conscious of themselves and leads them into disliking their bodies.
“There is now growing empirical support for the…

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