Social Media Sphere Essay

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Research problem
This article, written by José van Dijck (2012) titled “Facebook as Tool for Producing Sociality and Connectivity”, focuses on the topic of social media and its place within the societal communication spheres. The three spheres include public, private, and corporate. The research question is, considering the evolution and growth of social media, where does it fit within the sphere of society, and if it fails to fit within one of these spheres, where does it belong and how can it be categorized? Van Dijck (2012) employs the story of Facebook through the movie The Social Network to exemplify her study of the publicity of communication media. This article also questions the finality of the studies on media. This research problem may remain unsolved because of the constant forward momentum and growth of social media and the need for more research and a different approach to how
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The main argument is that social media (using Facebook as her main example) does not fit neatly within any of these three spheres, it is not public, private, or corporate. The reason social media does not fit perfectly into one of these spheres is because of the overlap, it cannot belong in the public sphere because it possesses qualities of the private sphere, it cannot belong in the private sphere because it has elements of the corporate sphere and so on. In conclusion to the presented arguments, and to answer the questions she poses in her headings, no, social media platforms do not require a new public, private, or corporate sphere. Just because there seems to be only three options does not mean that social media has to fit in one of them. Van Dijck (2012) states, “social media platforms form a contested space where private, public and corporate interests compete to produce new norms of sociality and connectivity” (p.

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