Social Media's Negative Effects On Happiness

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Social media can affect a person’s happiness in a variety of ways, both positively and negatively. In today’s world, social media has a major effect on every aspect of life. Anyone can find out almost anything about another person, whether its personal information or their favorite hobby, by just clicking a few buttons. While some people view social media as a useful tool, research has proven that social media can negatively impact a person’s mental health.
Social media can decrease a person’s level of happiness by making them discontent with their own life, causing them to compare their lives to the lives that other people portray. People who use social media often become unhappy because scrolling through apps and websites, such as Instagram
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Using social media can easily make people feel as if they need to be in competition with one another to look the best, perform the best, have the most followers, or get the most likes on a post. Social media users often falsely believe that if they have more followers or get more likes on their posts, they are automatically more popular or desirable than people who do not have as much of a influence on social media platforms. Becoming too involved in social media can be harmful to a person’s happiness because,”the very setup of social media provides another way to keep score” (Kluger 32). No one can truly be happy if they are always in competition to be better than the people they claim to be “friends” with. Social media has even been shown to be a main source of depression among children and teenagers. Depression can easily take over a person’s life and allow them to have absolutely no happiness. According to a Time poll, the amount of people in the United States …show more content…
Social media often allows many opportunities that someone might not have been able to experience if they did not have a social media source such as Instagram or Twitter. Many businesses and organizations have also benefited greatly from social media. By posting their products and ideas on social media, it allows a greater number of people to find out about their company, which can lead to more customers. Social media has also played a huge part in forming many relationships and friendships. It allows people to meet from all over the country and even the world. Some people who would never be able to meet elsewise, become very close to each other just from communicating with each other through various forms of social media. Posting and communicating through social media outlets also helps family members and long

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