Misconduct In Paul Farhi's Why Everyone Hates The News Media

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Misconduct in News Media
News media has evolved for almost thirty-five years because of Internet usage, leaving a great milestone in world history; now advanced in technology, social media has pulled itself in the world of news media, giving a window to viewers to read and reflect on news media without even knowing it. However, according to Tim Graham, social media has been put in a harsh spot because of the inaccuracy of sources within stories. In Paul Farhi’s “Why Everyone (It Seems) Hates the News Media,” he puts more detail in that statement by stating that social media have not been that friendly with journalists. Since the year 1984, Internet Usage has advanced in technology, making it useful not just nationwide but worldwide as well. Yet, to Graham, social media, and news media have been put in harsh spots because of the open access. Tim Graham 's statement
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Distribution has evolved from print to on the go. Sad to say, because of social media has been introduced, there’s a wide variety of incorrect facts told. According to Paul Farhi’s Why Everyone (It Seems) Hates the News Media, he describes how the generalization grows to higher criticism because of the delivery of the news. Errors that have occurred in the news media are mostly from online sources. So, having incorrect information hurt reputations faces, no matter how powerful the backups are. From a personal perspective, social media has become an open door for any user to look upon and speak up. Finally, the main point that some news journalists blame for errors made by social media users because of the misinterpretation brought in by the users. Social media has grown to be the main factor for damaging news reputation because of how reliable it

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