Social Media Marketing : Marketing Essay

1349 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
popularity of social media sites does not only depend on personal users only but it has also spread to companies, organizations and firms.

According to Diamond 2008, social media marketing is marketing that concentrate on people and not products. The company can represent the product through a promotional tool if possible all that really matters is customer’s feedback. Marketers are scared about social media marketing because people provide and control the content posted, therefore negative word of mouth can be said about the brand which can spread worldwide in the twinkle of an eye. Social media does not only help companies and brands expand or create awareness it also influences consumers behavior in terms of gathering information, purchasing decision, opinions, attitude and brand evaluation. Marketers need to post topics that will introduce great conversations with consumers using the platform. According to (Evans 2008) the ability to influence followers effectively is the basic quality marketers need. Another key point about social media marketing is that marketers can listen, keep track and measure what is happening in the social media world in order to offer better customers services.
Social media marketing is the application of marketing knowledge, methods, and dimension of raising social and economic needs Lazer and Kelly’s (1973). It surpasses the traditional means of business, businesses can now be heard…

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