Social Media Marketing : Coca Cola Essay

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Social Media Marketing
Coca-Cola is one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the world and to them, building an audience is not a big issue. The brand has used different social media marketing tactics including the use of video messages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay cohesive. With over 82 million fans liking the brand page, Coca-Cola uses this space to promote their brand initiatives and campaigns. The main strategy has been developing based on what the audiences seemingly are interested in. Coca-Cola has been very interactive and efforts to respond to followers and fans have helped maintain a two-way conversation that has declared them the third most popular brand in the world. “Social networking platforms have added a feature to digital marketing which has been the surest way to tap into the social graph” (Borges p.150, par.1). The growth of digital marketing has called for fresh thinking and new agendas for Coca- Cola Company marketing and has forced the brand to be innovative to create attractively and relevant advertisements for instance. Coco-Cola Company is among the pioneers of social media marketing that has offered it “brand building beyond traditional advertising” (Percy p.75 Par. 1). In respect to the strategic mediums and content changes in advertisement and marketing, in general, Coca-Cola has advertised its products in several ways. From the trade cards and print ads from the 1940s to the digital TV ads in the 1980s and…

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