Social Media Is A Helpful Way For Public Health Organizations

1388 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Social media is the various electronic tools, technologies, and applications that facilitate interactive communication and content exchange. What some people might think of as online entertainment or a fun way to stay in touch with friends, has turned into a communications boon for the public health community (Nations Health. 2009; 39-6).
Social media is a helpful way for public health organizations to engage audiences in a meaningful interaction which can help people gain more knowledge when it comes to health care awareness, yet some studies show that most of the times, public health organizations are using social media mainly just to disseminate mass information. Everyone knows how a single post in social media can instantly reach hundreds of users in just a split of seconds, and how one user can share the same information with another set of people. This serves as an advantage for public health organizations to target and reach diverse audiences, share public health information in new spaces, listen and collect feedback in real-time, and to increase direct engagement with people through the use of social media, according to Mr Graham Dane, MD, author of Practical Guidance: The Use of Social Media in Oncology Practice. Some audiences prefer to receive health information and communicate with public health organizations online. Indeed, 59 percent of US adults who use the internet reported that they looked online for health information in the past year (Current Health,…

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