Social Media Integration Marketing And Advertising Campaigns Essay

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Five Star’s Social Media Integration Marketing and Advertising Campaigns At a time when mobile devices blur the line between Internet marketing and in-store sales, Global Tech Computers uses social media as a part of their marketing strategy because social media makes it easy to spread content with the ability to make people act in very special ways that benefit business owners. Manternach (2011) explains that more people are spending their time online. Things like brand awareness, website traffic, and fan engagement are good results of social media, however, the main thing is by participating in social media advertising, Global Tech will be able to reach more consumers and paint a picture of a company that wants to reach consumers of all kinds (Roesler, 2015).
With the growing popularity of Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and other sites in this category, it is very important for Global Tech to incorporate social media into its traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Use of social media helps to make the consumer more aware of the company’s Workhorse and Traveler brands, while demonstrating the company’s interest in the demands of the consumer, along with increasing Global Tech’s bottom line (Kotler & Keller, 2009).
Integrate Social Media into an IMC Strategy: Leading Edge Trends In order for Global Tech Computers to succeed, they must first find out what the consumer is looking for in a product. After realizing what consumers expect from the product Global…

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