Social Media Influence On Teenagers Essay

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Social Media Influence on Teenagers
Social media is broadly defined as any electronic platforms or channels that allow people to communicate and share content (Junger 1). Teenagers today spend countless hours using social media. Many wonder what impact this is having on today’s youth. Schools sometimes think the impact is negative because of bullying, but on the other hand many schools use it to teach and send notifications. Parents think that their children learn negative things from social media, but they can also communicate with family and friends to stay in touch. There are many influences that social media has on teenagers, but society is still debating whether the negative influences outweigh the positive influences.
According to the article The History of Social Media by the History Cooperative the first social media site was Six Degrees (Terrel 1). It originated in 1997 and remained popular until 2001 (1). On Six Degrees you create a profile and friend others (1). People can even friend you back without having a profile (1). It eventually evolved into blogging and instant messaging (1). According to the History Cooperative by the year 2000, around 100 million people had access to the internet (2). The first social media surge arose in 2003 (2). LinkedIn was the first site to develop in 2003 (2). Professionals use this site to network with each other and find jobs (2). LinkedIn is still popular today (2). According to Faiza Sareah in her article “Statistics for…

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