Social Media's Influence On Body Image

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The question at hand is how does social media influence our behavior and is this positive or negative. One area of controversy is social media’s effect on body image. Our culture has set unrealistic standards of how people should look. This has left a precedent specifically for women and has adhered to the development of confidence. Body dysphoria arises from these standards set by society. Such influences have caused eating disorders because of the competition to be the skinniest. Models are sizes double zero and that is what children aspire to be when they are older. That someone with any type of curve is seen as unattractive. The media’s representation of the slim “ideal” body has been linked to women body image disturbance (Charles, King, …show more content…
Its influence on fashion and style has taken over our appearance. It makes media a visible demonstration of the culture around us. Fashion is always evolving and celebrities are trying to come in every day to place their mark on the way we dress. In our culture everything is always changing and fads come in and out which makes it difficult to be in the fashion industry. Companies are constantly trying to keep up with the times and advertising has a major impact on what we buy. The media is the cause of the never-ending evolving notion of what is “in” and what is not. One day something can be the latest craze, and this makes yesterday’s news a literal construct. In the Sunday News, Peter Matika shares his opinion on fashion and its effect on fashion. He states “Elements of popular culture become fused when a person’s “trend” is associated with a preference for a genre of music such as rap, hip-hop, reggae, rock or country-western music. Like music, news or literature, fashion has been fused into everyday lives” (Matika). Trend setters shape what we wear. For example, Kanye West has decided to come into the fashion scene and it is influencing millions. Kanye is on the most polarizing celebrities of all time. He has shaped what we wear and he has moved the direction of music. He dubs his impact on music and fashion as the “Yeezy Effect”. It began with his shoe collection and then evolved into business fashion. His control is so powerful that he was able to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York City for his fashion show. He denominates music and fashion and he is only one person. Along with his wife, the Kardashians have become the most powerful and popular family in our culture. They change their appearances every single day. With apps dedicated to their entire family, every day they are able to revamp their brand. This is what makes appealing to the people in regards to fashion unfeasible. The concept

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