Mark Zuckerberg In The Social Network

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David Fincher's Academy-Award nominated film “The Social Network” stars Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield as Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the original founders of Facebook. The film explores the founding of Facebook from multiple perspectives- those who were lifted into the technological stratosphere, and others who became collateral damage on Zuckerberg’s path to technological superstardom. Fincher uses a variety of narrative techniques in examining the evolution of Mark from a lonely college co-ed to a cold social media mogul, who disposes of his friends just as quickly as he does his enemies. Fincher uses Zuckerberg’s story to posit the film’s moral thesis: Is is possible to build a community of friends through the Internet, or are we simply recreating our previous failures at social interaction …show more content…
The low-impact color scheme, composed of blacks, browns, and grey's, as well as the coolly removed camera angles suggest that the online world has begun to bleed into Zuckerberg’s daily life, consuming not only his relationships but the way he processes the world. Mark may study at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, but his ability to interact with others remains at best a bleak prospect. He is clearly more comfortable at his computer, programming or coding away. The irony of Fincher’s narrative is that Zuckerberg created “the facebook” in an attempt to recreate the exclusivity of a Final Club, but never once does he express interest in them after the idea becomes official. Here, the director is suggesting that the most appealing part to Zuckerberg of joining an organization like the ones he used to admire so much was the idea of a better life, rather than the reality of

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