Social Media In 21st Century Marketing

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21st Century Marketing
People between the ages of 18 to 64 say they spend roughly three and a half hours a day on some, if not all the social media applications. Due to the never-ending use of social media other forms of advertising have been impacted. Television watching has decreased by more than one hour per day. Radio listeners have decreased because of smart phone apps like Pandora and Spotify. So, what is the right course of action for a small business to get the biggest advertising bang for their buck? Small businesses do not have the money to invest in bulk advertising in the way large corporations do, the easiest and cheapest route is to take advantage of social media.
In 2014 social media advertising budgets were estimated to be $16 billion, which nearly doubled in 2016 to $31 billion. (LePage) This statement is not saying that there is a requirement to pay to use social media advertising. It simply shows that the marketing niche is shifting from radio and television marketing to something that is accessed more, because after all the whole purpose of marketing is to keep your product fresh in the consumers’ mind.
Social media and the internet enable consumers to get any desired
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When deciding on what social media outlets to use, research needs to be conducted to find the most used outlets in your business area. This will be the easiest portion of the POA, because it is safe to assume that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are going to be in the top 5. A key thing to remember whenever you create these accounts is that you are portraying your company, not portraying your personal life. Therefore, keep your personal life off the page. Make sure to use an easy display name, that does not cause confusion with your

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