Social Media Impacts The Lives Of Adolescents Essay

1087 Words Sep 26th, 2015 null Page
The interactive tools known as “social media” have catapulted today’s youth to become the most cyber-connected generation of all time. In fact, “90% of teenagers say they have created an online profile for at least one social networking site” (qtd. in Niemer). The stage of adolescence is a time when physical and emotional changes develop quicker than ever. These disconcerting changes vindicate why youngsters are particularly vulnerable to the influence of social media. Teenagers can chat, tweet, comment, share pictures and create posts almost instantaneously; the hindrance of having to physically interact is suddenly eliminated. These liberating tools create an appropriate outlet for teens to express themselves. Furthermore, those trending outlets allow adolescents to portray themselves however they desire; whether the teens’ virtual identity resembles their real identity or not. Naturally, adolescents are conformed to adopt this unprecedented world know as “social media”. But what damage does this social realm cause for this age group? Research indicates that social media impacts the lives of adolescents, both positively and negatively.
Social media has vastly opened up the doors of connectivity within the last decade by boosting and promoting creativity. Academic projects like podcasts, blogs, and videos demonstrate the inventiveness of this connectivity; kids are able to share their ideas in modern, leading-edge forms (Ho). Additionally, the social media world fosters…

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