Essay on Social Media Impact On Young People

1795 Words Dec 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Be Aware of Social Media Social media has become a mundane aspect of life and can have significant effects on several aspects in the way we carry out our lives. While social media may have positive effects on young people, it also has a negative influence. Young people become isolated from the outside world and have less interaction with people, this leading, some of them, to become anti-social. Therefore, social media has a negative impact on young people mentally and physically. For example, this leads them to have depression, anxiety, insomnia and less productivity. Furthermore, in Margaret Atwood’s Novel Oryx and Crake, she writes about the uses of social media, technology and the internet and some of the negative causes and influences it has over the people. Moreover, social media has become a place where predators, entice young people to talk to them, they lure them into a false state of comfort, so they can do harmful things to them, like kidnap or something worse. In fact, social media sites can bestow a platform for cyber bullying, invasion of privacy, and cannot be a trusted source of information. For this reason, social media is a dangerous place, especially for the youth because they trust easily. Social media has negative influence on young people because it harms the mental well-being of the individual. Some people may argue that social media has positive effects on young people, because it has many ways to help the youth, interact with people online. Young…

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