Social Media Helps Students Write Better Essay example

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In his article “Social Media Helps Students Write Better,” Andrew Simmons discusses the effects that high school has on students and how being open and honest in their narrative writing assignments can help them explore their emotions and find an explanation for why they may be feeling the way that they do. Simmons’ point is supported by The University of Michigan Depression Center, or UMDC, an organization that strives to detect, treat, and prevent depression more effectively. The UMDC explains in their article “Journaling” that through keeping track of things like thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a journal, people can assess their mental health and treatment progression. In addition to writing being utilized as a way of record keeping, expressive writing improves psychological well-being, argued by Drake Baer in his article “Expressive Writing’ Is A Super Easy Way To Become Way Happier.” In his article “Adolescent Depression,” Bryan Krans explains that depression is associated with high levels of stress and anxiety and that the most effective treatment is medication, but medication can be associated with a higher risk of suicidal behavior. Krans’ arguments are supported in Kayla Kulp’s article “Teen Stress And Depression Rates Rise Due To School.” In this article, Kulp discusses statistics and facts about the effects that high school has on the mental health of teenagers. Both the United States and England face an increasing number of children suffering from depression due…

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