Essay on Social Media Has Revolutionized The World

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“10 years after their launch, social media have revolutionized the world.” How far do you agree with this statement? Your answer should refer to ONE of the following: political change, interpersonal relationships or marketing.

Social media are now as influential as, and perhaps in some cases more than, conventional and traditional media (Mills, 2012, pp.162). Mills defined social media as Internet and web-based technology platforms designed to encourage social interaction. In recent years, social media is developed from basic ‘Web 2.0’, as the result of the evolution of technology and application from the ‘early days’ of the Internet, to various types which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So there is a statement can be found that social media have revolutionized the world in 10 years. To a large extent, I support this statement. This essay will focus on marketing, and begin with an argument which the disabled, the old man and the poor do not belong to this reform comes from social media. Then discuss what had been promoted in marketing in three aspects which is brand awareness, service from producer and profits of companies.

What am I arguing about is the disabled, the old man and the poor who can not use network have not been influenced by social media. To concentrate on marketing, marketers always need a platform of social media to spread their products. In 2013, 36 million adults (73%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, and 21 million households…

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