Social Media Has On Law Enforcement Essay

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In today’s society can you see yourself without social media? The world as a whole has developed into connecting with one another via, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, all social sites that allow you to network, share thoughts, pictures, and memories. There are many positive and negative aspects with social media, for example, social media in the workplace. Many employers have policies intact in order to gain positive feedback while minimizing the negative effects that can occur. In some careers there are pros and cons of social media. Throughout the year’s social media has impacted those who have chosen a career in Law Enforcement. As far as announcing job positions and solving crimes, officers have been terminated due to the actions and views involving social media.

First, let’s discuss the benefits social networking has on Law Enforcement. Crime prevention, one tool used by agencies to prevent crimes. Every time someone posts their vacation, career, loved ones, or daily routine schedule, they become a potential target. Also posting children, predators have many social networks that can harm them. The U.S. Dept. of Justice puts the number of children abducted by strangers at 115 a year, 45 percent abducted was found by helpful tips on social networking.

The Cincinnati Police Department uses social media to stop gang fight. “Dawn Keaton, the Cincinnati Police Department 's Real Time Center Specialist, used social media to prevent a massive gang-related brawl back in…

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