Social Media Has More Cons Than Pros Essay

2126 Words Mar 9th, 2016 9 Pages
The year is 2015. As one looks around, they notice heads bent over an illuminating device, blank stares at a screen, and mindless chatter over retweets, likes, and favorites. The world this generation lives in today has dramatically changed from what previous generations knew. Almost the entirety of information known to mankind is available with a couple taps on a screen. With iPhones and iPads, all knowledge available to teenagers and young adults is directly at their finger tips, yet they use these devices for pointless, unhealthy things such as social media. It is truly a startling realization that the next generation of presidents, CEOs, congressmen, and entrepreneurs are more worried about how many likes they get on an Instagram post, or how many retweets they get on Twitter, than issues like ISIS, world hunger, education, health care, and poverty. Social Media has more cons than pros, and needs to be slowed down. Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram negatively affect mental health in teens and young adults because it is addictive, gives rise to cyber bullying, glamorizes drug and alcohol use, causes a decrease in personal skills, and exposes teens and young adults to explicit and violent imagery. Most adult habits begin in the teenage years. Unfortunately, addiction falls within that category. Whether it is smoking cigarettes, or chewing tobacco, most teenage addictions became major problems in adult life. Social media addiction is…

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