Social Media Has Impacted Our Society Essay

1450 Words Oct 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Social media has impacted everyone who has used it some point in his or her life. Seeing that the world is increasing in technology advances, so is social media, which can be positive and negative. Technology has made an enormous difference in the world and definitely how people are doing tasks now. Yes, the Internet can be acceptable for the majority of things individuals use it for such as finding research, keeping in touch with family or friends who are far away, and saving time and money. Others like to take advantage of social media and use it in a way that can hurt people; it may not hurt them physically, but it can hurt them emotionally. Examples of how some people use the Internet in an awful way include cyberbullying, identity theft, or cyberstalking. Social media has impacted the Millennial generation for sure. Adolescents certainly do not know how to communicate face to face with people and they do not know how to read other people’s emotions. People cannot read emotions through text messages. It is very important to read other people’s emotions. For example, if someone’s emotions were revenge the results could be dangerous. Social media has also impacted the Millennial generation because the generation is always expecting goods handed to them without any problems and social media does the job very well. Social media negatively impacts adolescents which results in long term issues in adulthood. Social networking sites are not acceptable for our society. Social…

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