Social Media Has Impacted A Woman 's View Of Body Image Essay

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Thoughts such as, I’ll never look as good as her tend to be common among women when looking at an extremely thin or fit woman on social media. Unfortunately, social media have increased these types of thoughts and provoked questions from women demeaning their own body’s worth. Social media has negatively impacted a woman’s view of her body image. This is due to the fact that certain body ideals have been blown way out of proportion. These posts also include worrisome messages in order to try and achieve the look. Unknowingly many women are exposed to ‘thin’ body ideals that seem impossible to achieve. The ‘thin’ body ideal constantly being portrayed in the media is an unrealistic goal for the average woman. In western culture body dissatisfaction has become so increasingly common that it has been given the term “normative discontent” (Katherine and Presnell, 2007). The inexplicable desire for an unrealistic body size is continually increasing. Females being exposed to images portraying the ‘thin’ body ideal have had a high increase in body dissatisfaction and lowering moderately in self-esteem (Katherine and Presnell). Body dissatisfaction is inevitable, but the spread of the popularity of social media has increased it. “Estimates from community samples of adolescents suggest that as many as 46% of girls and 26% of boys report significant distress about their body size and shape” (Katherine and Presnell). With the uprising of social media there is a tremendous spread of…

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