Social Media Has Greatly Affected The Mental Stability Of People Throughout The Millennial Generation

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Could happiness be found through the use of social media? The evolution of social media has greatly affected the mental stability of people throughout the millennial generation. “How people view us determines our happiness,” my friend, Christiana Vasquez declared when we were discussing the ideals behind the use of social media. Well, do people obtain satisfaction from thriving on social media? Christiana continued to tell me how one of her friends for the first time reached about 200 likes on Instagram,“She was running all over the dorm, screaming and jumping.” Instagram could be used for posting the special moments in life, the enhancement of one 's brand, entertainment, and much more. I’ve noticed several popular profiles have had that one post that is not as popular as the others, and don’t get as many likes. Later, it ends up getting deleted because it tore down the user 's confidence. Moral of story: the more likes you get, the more successful you are, the more successful you are, the more confidence and happiness you will exude. All in all, I see Instagram, or social media in general as an obsessive hierarchical outlet.
Natural selection, the theory proposed by Charles Darwin, states that organisms who adapt quicker to their ever-changing environment(s) survive longer and produce more offspring with the same traits which in turn, get stronger and stronger over time. In a way, natural selection can be seen in the realm of social media. How? If you conform to today 's…

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