Social Media Has Changed The Practices Of Public Relations Essay

724 Words Nov 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Social media plays an exceedingly critical role in the lives of stakeholders. According to the Search Engine Journal, Facebook users are spending 10.5 billion minutes on social network excluding mobile devices. Social media has changed the practices of Public Relations by making it way easier to promote for clients using two way communication, 24/7 engagement, and citizen journalism. These methods have led to an increased demand for brands to address consumer inquiries quickly and effectively in Public Relations. First, two-way communication through social media has given brands the chance to help consumers on an assortment of channels. Whether it 's through a Facebook post or touching YouTube video, every channel offers an alternate scene for brands to impart its substance to consumers. These channels add to a brand 's general identity and help consumers feel a more profound, individual association with brands. While social media gives PR professionals the chance to draw in with consumers on numerous channels, it 's a two-way road. Social media likewise gives consumers the chance to draw in with brands on an assortment of channels. Consumers can "like", “comment”, and “share” content, which can spread brand mindfulness and messages. Social media gives consumers an effective voice to express feedback and share negative and positive encounters. Since social media is straightforward, these grumblings are noticeable to the media and different consumers. Companies must react…

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