Social Media Has Cause Negative Effects On Children And Teens

994 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
You know the saying, “It’s too good to be true.”? Well, it seems almost impossible nowadays to find someone without them being attached to social media in one way or another. Especially with phones having mobile applications left and right, it’s as if the millions of users of social media are completely captivated by what their friends, family, celebrities, or colleagues are doing every second of the day. As the number of users continue to increase, could social media pose a problem that is silently creeping its way to the normality of everyday life? The popularity of social media has cause negative effects on children and teens, such as, an invasion of one’s privacy, a continual rise of online bullying, and the most recent of them all, “FOMO” or the fear of missing out.
Anything put online will forever stay online, as in, pictures, videos, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses or credit card information. If online users of social media sites aren’t careful, their personal information could easily become someone’s personal ticket to you. These sites are called “social” media for a reason, being able to connect with people by sharing average to special moments instantaneously around the world. Privacy settings do help people feel secure, but assuming the most active online users are that of the younger age, chances are that the youth are more oblivious to the dangers they can be putting themselves into. A fine example of this was a television show called, “How to…

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