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Social media has taken over our generation by giving us power at our fingertips. We wake up, check our phones, computers, tablets, etc. to the point where it has become a habit. In previous generations, the habit was to wake up in the morning, walk outside, grab the paper, come back inside, and read it. Now, we just roll over and read the paper on our phones. The use of an iPhone or Android is now seen as a necessity, and likely by the time the 21st century has grown into adults starting their careers the thought of a daily newspaper or going to the mailbox will be nonexistent. We live in a time where if we aren’t looking at our phones, there is no way of communication with one another almost as if everything we use or need is right at our …show more content…
How it is nearly impossible for this to go away without drastic change and as we continue endorsing more and more technology it’s going to become worse. The mass social media communication world we live in has its pro’s and cons, some of the cons of this lifestyle are less observant in our everyday life, worse grades, or more traffic accidents. Not only does this affect our quality of life but our eyes have never been exposed to this much artificial light from screens ever before. People’s privacy is almost completely gone due to the fact we are informed on different events that are happening with famous people we look up to and follow. Some of the pros to this is that we are constantly in the loop, we never have to wait for the evening news to find out what happened throughout the day we have all the information within a click of a button. It can help prevent someone going into an unsafe environment or something terrible could 've happened to one of our family members or friends an instantaneously we can find out through social media. Media works in different ways and it’s up to you to figure out how much you are going to let it affect your life. It can work for the good or for the bad. Social media is a giant role in our lives, but we also need to take into consideration that there are other things surrounding us that we are missing out on. We are so glued to the small device in the palm of our hands that sometimes we forget that we need to pay attention to the ones around us and what they have to say or what is bothering them. Social media might be our go to when we are feeling down or even up, but your followers shouldn 't be the first ones to know everything about your life especially when you are surrounded by people who love

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