What Does Social Media Cause Racism?

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Racism has a sharply different meaning than what believers say what it means. When it comes to the term and defining what ‘Racism” really indicates, many people will not hesitate but to justified that racism is “Whites against Blacks.” Society also categorize people based on race and ethnicity; and it is something human beings see daily. Not only is the world trying to come to a conclusion and a way to develop a way to put an end with the racism that has been going on lately, social media makes it difficult solves problems. With everyone having an opinion about what they think the government should do about the situation, it becomes worse for people to make the situation better.
When it comes to racism many people have different perspective of what racial discrimination really is. Importance, racial discrimination is
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To some Americans, racism remains the most challenging issues facing the nation and it is the problem of the twentieth century is the color line (Angelo Corlett). Many people can indicate that race was somehow created and invented by society molded through the economy, laws and constitution. Racism has taken a different turn in today’s generation leading to the effects social media have on racism. With the growing of media and the influence, racism had advanced from “black and white” in the past to the multicultural issue it is now. Racism is based on the belief that one race is superior to another. It includes discrimination and exclusion against those who are of different ethnic origin in a community (Diley). Racism is the worst of human behavior and it is also how humans engages in these behavior. Not only does social media have a negative influence on racism, but also it can also affect businesses and the way people in today’s generation view racism. The media also now serves as a convenient place for people to gain knowledge as well as share their knowledge about what is going on in the

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