Social Media, Crime, Law Enforcement And Racial Discrimination

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Crime, Law, Media In researching law enforcement and racial discrimination I started to wonder how much of this actually was caused by the media. I decided to look further into this topic and as I researched the topic further; I found that the media play more of a role on this issue, than anyone realizes. I started to find that what the media discloses in their broadcasts may not always be a reality. Media reports and coverage of certain law enforcement related issues are influencing the public perception with isolated circumstances of interaction with law enforcement and their communities. This often times accuses police of racial discrimination in the workplace. I found books, news articles, and academic journals, that helped support my view on the situation. The purpose of me writing this research paper is that, I will be bringing attention to the fact that the media is portraying all law enforcement as officers that discriminate against people, based on their race and causing tension between the police and their communities.
Media’s Portal Media is one of the prevailing influences of the divide between law enforcement and their communities. After law enforcement, media is the next to arrive at a crime
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These media outlets give more opportunities for law enforcement and their families to get harassed about racial discrimination in the workplace. Also, it puts personal information out there that may give the opportunity for the outraged community to target police and their families based on media reports of racial misconduct from law enforcement. Social media has to be even more carefully used by law enforcement and their families than others because of all the hatred from society. Media is not only creating a hardship on the community and work environment for cops, but also a strain on their family and home as

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