Social Media Audit. Expedia Essay

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Virtuoso's history dates to the 1950s, when the tour company Allied Travel formed to help travel agencies with foreign, international, and group trips. In 1986, Allied Travel merged with Percival Tours to form Allied Percival International (API), joining the best travel agents in the country. Virtuoso is the travel industry’s leading luxury network. This organization includes more than 330 agencies with 7,200 elite Advisors in 20 countries throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand. Travelers who use Virtuoso’s Advisors get access to more than 1,300 of the world’s premier travel providers, as well as exclusive services, experiences, and products. In 2000, API was rebranded Virtuoso, and has since become …show more content…
| Blog | 183 | - | Articles on different topics: news, about company, events, tips for travelers, | Low level of engagement. Despite some activity as tweeting the articles or adding links to Facebook, their rate is still low. |

Based on table above the major Virtuoso’s social media is Facebook. Despite Twitter has almost the same rate of engagement, all twits linked to Facebook page. Also, Facebook page has more followers than Twitter page does. The minor social media is YouTube channel as it has one of the least amounts of followers combined with the lowest level of engagement among the other social media Virtuoso uses.
Goal of Virtuoso
Creating image of exclusive “the only” travel company that has exceptional privileges over the other travel companies in travel industry. This idea of an absolute exclusiveness conveys through all social media. Company outlines all the time its exceptional and exclusive nature. “Virtuoso … make up the most powerful segment in luxury travel”
“Through Virtuoso, you'll get access to: special perks and extra amenities; an enthusiastic professional whom you can rely on before, during, and after every trip; exclusive luxury resorts and properties; once-in-a-lifetime experiences”.
“… That's because only Virtuoso Advisors have access to properties, activities, experiences, and complimentary extras

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