Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool Essay

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Social media can be used in very creative ways to market goods or services globally. Conducting business in other countries has been accelerated by various media platforms. Global marketing involves many challenges, and also involves a degree of corporate social responsibility. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging, video conferencing, web meetings: These and many other collaboration and social media platforms are now an everyday part of people’s lives around the world. They are also finding their way into global enterprise communications and management strategies. These social media applications and technologies are ready for an even greater challenge—helping companies successfully navigate global business marketing plans. …show more content…
In addition, by monitoring and participating in online discussions, managers can more readily see where any misunderstandings or “pain points” exist globally across the enterprise and take steps to address them. For example, one global resources company recently established a presence on Yammer, a secure and enterprise-strength social network that enables coworkers to communicate and share information with one another. Seventy percent of the company’s team members signed up for Yammer after its initial launch and 25 groups were created to discuss work-related issues. Today, about 2,000 messages are posted each month (
Participation by leadership in social media-based collaboration platforms is essential. Collaboration tools can actually undermine marketing effectiveness if they merely cause confusion and discontent to multiply across social networking sites. Management must establish a mechanism for delivering the “voice of truth”—an authoritative, trusted and believable source of information. This reinforces the idea that social media can be used by employees not only to voice ideas and concerns, but also to get accurate and credible answers regarding the company’s marketing effort. Social media applications can be extremely effective ways to deliver personalized learning experiences related to a marketing initiative, not just general broadcasts of information. “Learning”

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