Social Media Applications For Smart Phones Essay

2407 Words Mar 4th, 2015 10 Pages
There is no arguing that the prevalence of television shows, social media applications for smart phones, and video games are taking over much of the time people spend daily. There always seems to be the next bigger and better thing. This leaves people with a desire to obtain these things to be a part of what everyone else is doing. Society has painted a picture of “exclusiveness” when you have the latest smart phones, social media applications, televisions, or video games. If we all hunger for acceptance and purpose, than we are all susceptible to getting lost in the movement of rise of technology. With the increase of daily usage of these objects comes the possibility of forming an unhealthy dependency of them. All it takes is a simple look around to notice the zombie-like motions of those consumed by their smart phones. They are disengaged, uninviting, and in a trance-like state of mind. Most nice, quiet dinners at the table seem to have come to a halt, and you hardly notice children playing outside anymore because they are playing video games instead. But what effects do these things have on people?
Television Addiction and Its Side Effects People enjoy going home after a long day and relaxing in front of the television set either alone or with family. It is a method of decompressing from the days stresses (Bongiorno, 2011). The range of television shows is much wider than before. People have options such as comedy, romance, sitcoms, news, talk shows, infomercials,…

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