Social Media And Traditional Advertising Essay

1412 Words Sep 16th, 2016 6 Pages
As usual in your 2017 forecasting, the digital advertising space is again in a constant state of change. Social media and traditional advertising, like cable television, are undergoing some variations to their previously successful models. Most, if not all, of the changes are made to make the users’ experience better. But how do we as marketers take in all these new processes to make sure the message reaches our intended targets? Let’s start first with social media.

Social Media Ads Get More Completive
What do the words “pay-to-play” mean to savvy marketers? If you’re a digital marketer, you may know this as the new norm in terms of social media marketing as the last few years have become more competitive in the organic content space. With algorithm updates happening across all channels and ad space becoming more limited, the “easy” way of getting content in front of the audiences of many middle market brands through paid ads is about to get a bit harder in 2017, even for the most progressive and innovative marketers.

With recently updated ad manager platforms for all the big channels, the do-it-yourself ad systems are more powerful and easier to manage by teams of all sizes and for brands of all types. In 2017 however, the trick will be increasing spend in strategic ways. Yes, you read that right, no shiny gadgets and no massive company acquisitions granting access to new data. Instead teams will need to use what’s available in smarter ways by incorporating current…

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