Social Media And The Rise Essay

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Social media is more popular at present than ever before, and it will continue to grow in popularity very rapidly in the years to come. Currently, there are over 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and by 2020, this number should increase to about 3 billion. ( 97 percent of adults aged 16-64 that are online say that they have used social media within the last month. By 2012, the average internet user had approximately three social media accounts, whereas today, internet users have an average of seven. Various reasons are given as to why people use social media accounts, 43% of social media users are online to keep up with their friends, 41% of users keep up with the news, and 39% use social media to fill their time. Facebook, being the largest social media website, maintains over 1.79 billion active users every month, and 1.18 billion user logins per day. It is evident that social media is both a convenient and simple way to reach the eyes and ears of the global community.


Businesses are being drawn to social media for various reasons, the most obvious of these reasons is the fact that social media is a simple way for potential customers to get to know the background of a business. Businesses are also interested in using new technology to increase sales and make more money; they are primarily drawn into social media by…

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