Social Media And The Digital World Of Communication Essay

1093 Words Aug 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Intertwined to make a tangled web, spider silk incorporates a special stickiness to trap unsuspecting prey. Much like a spider’s web, social media captures people of all ages in the digital world of communication. Social media remains a platform for participation on the internet in which kids, teenagers, and adults publish information regarding a variety of topics. Yet, all social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.- are simply threads in a larger web of digital discourse. To participate in the digital discourse, one must understand how communication methods have evolved since the invention of social media platforms. Whether new communication methods are effective or hurtful depends on how users take advantage of the platform; in addition, an individual user can shape how he/she is perceived through communication. Through social media, users possess the ability to post only desired information. Online “friends” can see the exciting moments in the user’s life while the ordinary days are forgotten. Showing only half the truth creates an illusion not accurately describing his/her entire life. The user’s choice of communicating a perfect picture is an attempt to be perceived “as sociable, happy-go-lucky, and popular” (Tagg, 2015: 59). Others, seeing how great their peer’s life appears, may retain jealousy or become insecure of their own activities. This method of communication negatively impacts the audience and causes them to post carefully…

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