Essay on Social Media And The Digital Age

797 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Social media applications emerged into the digital age to promote connectivity and boost interactivity amongst individuals. Consequently, as time passed these social media applications re-designed themselves and created newer features to retain users by offering innovative ways to stay connected. Amongst the various new features, the sharing of location-based information made possible by “geotags”, quickly grew to become a trend across the three most popular social media applications: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To clarify, a geotag is a marker that determines latitude, longitude, sometimes altitude, distance and direction (i.e. GPS capabilities) of a person when the “Location” settings in his/her mobile phone has been activated. Geotags are commonly placed on content such as images, videos, statuses, posts, tweets, and more in order to encourage users to share their location with friends and followers. In fact, recent applications such as Tinder, Foursquare, Facebook’s “nearby friends”, Snapchat’s “location filter”, and such have become reliant upon this feature of geotagging, although none of these applications seek to educate users on the potential risks of publicizing location based data. Thus, by analyzing the popular trend of location sharing, this paper seeks to prove that geotagging as a feature is detrimental to users as the extraction of location-based information by social media applications jeopardize the safety of individuals. Moreover, the topics of…

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