Social Media And Social Networking Essay

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The world has seen in recent years a sort of social communication between humans, near the spacing between peoples and canceled border and coupled between cultures, and called this kind of communication between people in social networking. There were many of these networks and many uses, and also to the role of these networks in the delivery of news and quick text messages and video clips from those events, which helped to the famous and the public of these networks, The most important Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Social networking is the term given to a group of sites on the Internet, allowing communication between persons. diverse forms and of social networking , in general aims to reach the public and make friends around the world and others centered on the formation of social networks in a limited range and confined in a particular field of different use vary depending on the aims or desired , Networking sites Social has become a connected of effective age to share cultures and exchange of ideas and opinions and communicate which is characterized by the diversity of nationalities and cultures of different ages which led to the integration of ideas, technology is part of our environment.
Now I will talk about the three programs of social networking discoveries and discuss it from my experience and explained their uses and the positives and Negatives of these electronic discoveries.

I will start by talking about Facebook, it is one of the most important and most…

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