Social Media And Social Networking Essay

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Social networking has been an inevitable part of daily routine in the recent days. Social networking sites and applications have significantly impacted people in many ways. Owing to the modern networks and devices, these social networks can be accessed almost constantly. Many argue that the social media has a negative effect on people’s psychology; others argue that these make people collaborate and network easily at the comfort of their homes. This essay analyses how social networking tools like Facebook impacts some people’s behaviour and also how they enable other people to collaborate and improve social relations.

The thought of social networking is not new. People used to share their views and interests in the form of regional and
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Since then, many social networking sites have evolved. Facebook, being one of the young social networking sites established in 2004 (Facebook, 2016), with around 1.55 billion user base (Statistics, 2016) has taken the world by storm with its easy and attractive features. Going on to the negative effects of social media tools, one of the key effects is they can be addictive. People care to know what is happening in their peers’ lives and want others to know about theirs through social media. This becomes addictive and troublesome when people get jealous and try to sustain their social image, by spending a lot of time, being isolated from the real world making the less imaginative. Studies have proven that the longer people use Facebook, the lonelier and sad they felt (Maria, 2013). One other important effect to be considered is bullying.

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