Essay about Social Media And Small Business

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Social Media And Small Business: How And Why It Works
By Lonnie G Juarez Jr, Ph D
Feb 8, 2013
Copyright (c) 2013 Lonnie G Juarez Jr, Ph D

Business and social media how does it work and why does it work for some and not for others? These questions are on the minds of many small business owners when people talk about using social media. The most important question for is "Why should I get involved and how is it going to help my business?" The answer to the questions must first come from what is the mission and purpose for your business. Can you in a few words describe both of these concepts as they relate to your business?

Having done that, what are your 3 or 4 major objectives for your business? What are the 2 or 3 goals for each objective that are SMART goals (measurable and timeline for achievement)? Where do you envision your business in 5 years and how to do the items discussed previously help you achieve that vision?

These questions help you clarify where you are and where you want to be and can be used to develop the best plan on how achieve it. As you look at your strategic plan and marketing plan, ask how do we maintain the present customer base and how does the plan assist in continuing to attract new customers? Who is the target audience or audiences we are trying to attract or maintain as customers? The answer to these questions for a large part helps in the development of the marketing plan, customer relations and maintenance plan. With the marketing plan the…

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