Social Media And Public Relations Essay

812 Words Jun 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The increase of using social media by public relations practitioners is a relatively recent trend. Social media tools are offer the opportunity and challenge to reach diverse audiences in new ways. Social media represent an emerging venue for public relations communication. A few companies and organizations have made strides in exploiting this channel. Social media for many companies are still very much a young endeavour. When people combine to take a baby steps in social media with equal baby steps which people might be taking in media. This makes people are being cautious as they go into social media (Wilcox, 2011). In the wake of Web 2.0 the term of “social media” has entered the mainstream. Blogs are now mainstream application, while social networks; Facebook, YouTube, and Myspace have become a major presence in today’s world as more social network sites are created almost daily. Also the rise of Twitter, podcasts, and wikis have facilitated conversation for people around the world. The conversation has the characteristics of being emergent, vibrant, fun, compelling, and full of chance insight. Today public relations need to be focused on listening to facilitate conversations between organizations and their constituents.

According to Strauss & Frost (2012), social media is a term to describe the type of media which is based on conversation and interaction between people in online world. Social media marketing is marketing in online medium that are easy, quick, and…

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