Social Media And Mobile Technology Essay

1469 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
Throughout the twenty-first century, swift development of information and communication technology and the ageing of the population are both principal movements of the world, mainly in developed countries (Guzzo, Ferri and Grifoni 2014, 8). Social media and mobile technology play a central role as a modern communication tool among several internet user groups with different purposes. In particular, the elderly individuals over 60-75 years old of age or ‘older baby boomer’, who frequently use a social networking sites, are on the rise in most developed countries (Nikou, 2015, 294). In recent years, the aging population has significantly used social network sites in their everyday life; however, there is little research to examine this unique community. As Grande mention in his thesis (2015, 1), elderly users utilise some popular social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to stay connected with their significant people, family members, and friends. Also, active use of social media could be a great part of healthy psychological aging in the elderly user group, and a portal of information to increase their health awareness in related to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Social media have had several effects on senior users. Although online interaction on social networking is an alternative choice of communication among family members and strengthens the ability of socialisation of the elderly, the use of social media can have adverse effects on…

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