Social Media And Marketing Practices Essay

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HootSuite Review
It 's just a little over a decade ago that a college student launched "the Facebook," which was eventually shortened to Facebook and now serves more than a billion active users. Other social media platforms quickly organized and changed marketing practices dramatically by focusing on targeting customers precisely and using softer selling approaches that build value instead of delivering heavy-handed sales messages.

HootSuite is a different kind of advertising service for businesses that want to promote their brands, increase Internet traffic to homepages and landing pages and manage social media marketing efforts across all platforms. Ideal for small restaurants, HootSuite enables them to market their menu, services and products through social media and add features as needed when restaurant growth or expanded services make new marketing capabilities desirable. HootSuite 's interface comes in the form of an all-inclusive dashboard that supports integrations for the top social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with additional integrations available for Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and even email services.

HootSuite provides a centralized platform where restaurateurs can build their audiences, promote multiple marketing campaigns, measure results and collaborate with customers and team members to post trendy and compelling content. Restaurateurs can choose from a free version to manage up to five social accounts, HootSuite Pro…

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