Social Media And Its New Vocabulary Essay

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Social Media and Its New Vocabulary
Thanks to social media the English language has radically changed from what it was 50 years ago. It has changed so much that new words keep being added to the dictionary, words that if we are being completely honest are usually only used by people no older than maybe 30. Words that have been invented in recent years are words like “fleek”, which is generally used to describe when someone is looking good. Another example to the ever growing list of contemporary language would be “bae”, which apparently means “before anyone else” or it also used as a shorten version of “babe”. “Selfie” is also another word that is extremely popular, especially now that Instagram is exceptionally popular. Finally, the most popular of all would be “YOLO”, which means “you only live once”. This word became quite popular in 2011 thanks to Drake’s song “The Motto”.
These words could also be added to the list of words that parents have no idea what they mean. Not only have people created new words, they have also created acronyms to communicate with people. For example, “TBT” which means “throwback Thursday” is used for when people want to post old pictures on their social media accounts. “NSFW” is an acronym that is used when posting things that are not suitable for the work place, hence the “not safe for work” acronym. These are only a very small portion of the words that had been added to the English language in recent years, the list is surprisingly longer…

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