Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On The Workplace

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Recruitment: - platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has transformed recruiting, resulting in 92% of companies to using these platforms for hiring purposes; up from 89% prior year and 45% of Fortune 500 corporations have social media links on their career page. Statistics shows that LinkedIn is the most favored for recruiting, and 93% of companies uses this platform followed by Facebook at 66% and Twitter 54%. Seventy three percent of recruiters states they are pleased with their hires via social media and a third of employers refused candidates that had negative information in their profiles. With the capabilities of the internet, businesses no longer ask prospective recruits for some information, they search individual profiles and analyze these individuals to determine if that person is the right fit for their organization (Schawbel). With that being said, individuals have to be cognizant of the information they post as it could be the determining factor of whether they get employed or not. Some information that is viewed as negative are posts that includes illegal drugs, alcohol consumption and things sexual in nature.
Customer Service: - Organizations that incorporates a strategic approach to social media is more quickly to include social media in its processes of customer services and see a higher percentage of inquiries via social media platforms and are better able to meet the expectations they are challenged with. To uphold the customer’s philosophy…

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