Essay Social Media And Its Impact On The Internet

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The world we live in today revolves around the internet. It is how we access information, how some people work, go to school, and even socialize. There are very few people in society that do not either have the internet in their home, or have access to the internet in some way. Although a lot of people will use the internet for something constructive, most people will use it to see what is going on with their friends or family, and to inform their friends and family about what is going on with them. Social media is probably the most popular form of communicating on the internet today. Because social media is so popular it makes for an excellent way to advertise, especially for a small business that may not be able to pull off the marketing strategies of a larger company.

It is imperative when advertising a brand that the name of the brand is seen and heard as much as possible, and in a way that will stick in the consumers mind. Brand recognition is extremely important and is accomplished very successfully when advertising on social media. There is the opportunity to be exposed to thousands, even millions of people by taking this route. Once the brand name is on social media the consumers can then spread the word and continue the advertising of the brand themselves. Richards mentions this, saying that the more people that are exposed to the brand the more the business will grow (p.14). This is the goal of every small business, and advertising on social media can…

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