Essay about Social Media And Its Impact On Students Learning

996 Words Oct 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Distraction, which is preventing someone from giving their full attention, is part of being a human being. Humans are constantly being distracted from anything from social media and entertainment to a flying insect. We seem to be focusing on more of entertainment and distractions instead of listening to a lecture. Lecture are quite exhausting as students have to divert their focus onto lecture, while taking notes to study for exams. Thus, distraction is a key role in negatively affecting students learning and memorizing ability by distractions from social media, talking in class, and texting. Social media has greatly impacted students behaviour and ability to learn in class. Students are frequently using social media as a platform to connect with friends through having conversion through pictures or tagging friend through post. In fact, frequent use of social media can obstruct with our deeper cognitive processing that is critical toward our learning (Aaron M. 93). Moreover, social media, such as Facebook, can hinder our performance in our exams since exams are mainly based on the professor 's lectures; therefore, a student not putting their full focus onto lecture may end up not understanding the material compare to a student who pays attention in class. In a recent study on high school student in Ontario, it showed that 52% of student have never access Facebook during their classes, while 28% online uses facebook one or two time a day during class, 10%…

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