Essay about Social Media And Its Impact On Society

1560 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
Unless you have—by some strange twist of events—been completely cut off from the world for roughly the last decade, you know how integral social media culture has become in defining modern society. Everything from sports and entertainment to politics, health, and world news has been infiltrated by social networks to some extent; however, there are still disagreements about whether this shift toward technology is the best or the worst thing for our country as a whole. Social networks have incredible potential for creating long-distance connections and reaching a larger audience than possible with other means of communication, but since the dawn of social media following the turn of the century, social networks have had a tight grip on many aspects of their users’ lives, including their diets. The food-related side of each social network is not inherently detrimental to the users, but with its undeniable prevalence, it would be remiss to ignore just how much the use of social networks could be affecting people on a conscious or subconscious level.
People have been capable of creating and jumping on the bandwagon for ludicrous fad diets long before the creation of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social media has, however, revolutionized the methods of spreading information and time necessary for the latest miracle diet to amass a significant following. Say what you will about the advantages of social networks but food advertising holds a very special place in American society…

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