Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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In today`s cyber controlled world social media plays a major role in every aspect of life including events marketing. Social media is part of the so called Web 2.0 where user generated content appears which consist of text, pictures, videos and networks. Text based social media platform is Twitter which contains mainly micro-blogs, picture sharing site is Flickr and the video based media is YouTube. Networks such as Facebook allows users to find friends, share pictures and videos with each other. Social media became a vital communication tool as people can access them from mobile devices for free.
Not only the younger generation affected by this new way of information flow. Politicians, celebrities, universities, non-profit organisations and many different institutions use social media to connect. The appearance of social media made businesses to spot a new opportunity of marketing Social media marketing reaches target markets in this innovative way which allows companies to complete their goals more effectively and cheaper too.
However marketing trends must keep up with the always up to date social media where new trends are set frequently by the users.
The following report will analyse the ways social media marketing can be used in the events as so implementations of different platforms in events such as Facebook twitter and Instagram.
The events industry must follow the tendency towards a mobile world where people want to be connected most of the times. In this study…

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