Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

1182 Words Nov 12th, 2015 5 Pages
As we develop new technologies, we also develop new social norms of thinking and each generation thinks differently whether social media/technology makes a positive impact or negative impact. When people use social media positively, our generation is slightly improved, but if people use it negatively, then our generation is ruined. How do we find out how people use this technology? When people get addicted to it, it affects us because we need it all the time and it changes our values. Instead of being a community, we’ve became individualistic to the max. We tend not to trust anyone but ourselves. Why is that? This is because we’ve become such an individualistic society that we don’t rely on others and we don’t have that face to face deep communication.
When a new technology comes along, teens usually are excited for it to come out and the older generations think these technologies and social media cause chaos in our world. According to Shirky, “print fueled the protestant reformation which did indeed destroy the church…BUT…we built new norms around newly abundant and contemporary literature.” This means that people always believe a technology will cause chaos, until something good comes along with it. He says this has always been our mindset and it will continue to be because of our past experiences with technology. It might cause chaos but it all depends on how we use social media and these new technologies as Marche and Postman both insinuate. When Marche says that,…

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