Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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In today’s society, media constantly defines gender through many artifacts such as magazines, clothing stores, song lyrics, and television shows. Our society has become brainwashed from how powerful media has intertwined gender into everyday culture. This has caused people to believe in different stereotypes of gender. Victoria’s Secret catalogue, the male mannequins in Dick’s Sporting Goods Store, Vogue’s Shape issue from April 2008, and a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement represent four various gender identities expressed through popular media. Majority of females in America know about Victoria’s Secret; however, not many of them receive the catalogue in the mail. Because I have a Victoria’s Secret credit card, they mail a catalogue to my house whenever they have a brand new clothing line coming out. Victoria’s Secret sells a variety of apparel such as bras, underwear, lingerie, sports bras, yoga pants, swimwear, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Although the women in the catalogue are super models, they are known as Victoria’s Secret Angels because they model for the brand. The models are very slim and gorgeous around the ages of early to late twenties. Although Victoria’s Secret has sales every once in awhile, their apparel is on the pricier side. Victoria’s Secret Catalogue defines gender through a physical stereotype. As stated above, the models have very slim bodies. Although they have makeup on, the women have a more natural look. The models posing in the bra, underwear,…

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