Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Social media is a term used to describe those platforms and channels that enable interactions between individuals and/or groups where content may be produced, viewed, and exchanged in the virtual environment. Asur, S., & Huberman (2010) defines social media as “an ubiquitous and important platform used for social networking and content sharing.” For much of today’s youth mobile devices and interactive social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been ever present in their lives and critical factors in their development. The long term consequences are yet unclear but there is no doubt that the advent of social networking has transformed the manner in which students interact with their families and friends as well as how they utilize established and emerging technologies to navigate the world (Correa, Hinsley, & De Zuniga, 2010).
The world has become a global village where the vast majority of people are now connected to one another in a broad network made possible by the internet. This development of an electronic independence has changed the manner in which people throughout the world communicate with one another and has allowed for a near elimination of the physical and cultural borders that once made such interactions difficult. As Boyd (2014) noted, communication processes and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas among people were once hindered by long distances and cultural divides, but this is no longer true as knowledge and…

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